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Stuurman Storage Bv

Corporate Governance


Risk Prevention Management System

Stuurman Storage BV International operates a two-tier board level, which means that management and supervision are separated. The Executive Board is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business and for setting out and realizing the company's long-term strategy. The Supervisory Board is responsible for overseeing the Executive Board's performance and advising the Executive Board.

Stuurman Storage BV Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. They endorse the view that good entrepreneurship, including transparent and ethical conduct, by the Executive Board and the effective bodies of defence, by the Supervisory Board, are essential conditions for instilling confidence in the management and supervision of the stakeholders. defence, by the Supervisory Board.

Compliance policies and a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics have been implemented. Compliance remains foremost in our minds every single day spent on the job. In addition, dedicated compliance training courses are attended on an annual basis.

We strongly believe that we can only achieve our ambitions by acting according to our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.

The Risk Prevention System establishes the application at Stuurman Storage BV of the Dutch Occupational Hazard Prevention Act and regulations regarding risk prevention of serious accidents involving dangerous substances. Its objective, as established in the company Policy is to prevent and minimize accident risks and, if possible, limit their consequences to the persons, goods and environment.

The company has implemented a Risk Prevention Management System, structured as per the OHSAS 18001 code, certified in 2008 by AENOR.