Our Responsibility


As a large Marka-terminal company involving many people, the management of health and safety is an important responsibility. To avoid any risk of accidents, Marka-

terminal has been introduced to a culture where involvement and awareness lead to intrinsically safe ways of working. Health and safety management also applies to Marka-terminal stores and delivers. Marka-terminal is guaranteed to be of the quality of all products. The same awareness and responsibility for environmental management, which has led to improved operational methods and the more efficient use of resources.

At Marka-terminal, our commitment to health and safety is ingrained in our culture. We have a comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety (HSEQ) Policy, which is supported by our management team, signed by our President and Chief Executive Officer and enforced among all employees and contractors in all of our work locations.

We believe that a great safety record is just the starting point and strive for continuous improvement. Because even one incident is one too many.

Our Commitment:

- We take our responsibility seriously and we work hard to improve every day.
- We operate under our EH & S Management System, a company-wide framework that drives continual improvement in our performance and legal compliance.

- We build programs that encourage employee, contractor and leadership participation, keeping each person focused on performance and our goals.

- We provide regular training sessions that empower and equip employees to identify potential risks and take the necessary actions to mitigate them.

- We work together with regulators, industry experts and other stakeholders to ensure we learn, understand and share best practices.


Protecting the environment is part of being a good neighbour. We work hard to minimize waste and emissions and to promote resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

Protection and Monitoring

Each of our operations adheres to strict environmental protection right from the planning and construction phases. We follow all regulatory requirements and conduct of ongoing monitoring of air, groundwater, and soil quality.

Our air quality monitoring program meets or exceeds, what is required. We have strict inventory measurements and preventative maintenance programs for all of our equipment, including our facilities, tanks and pipelines.

Throughout the lifecycle of our operations, we work hard to protect the land. Our large storage tanks have a secondary containment safety system. Through our Land Quality Program, we make every effort to remediate and monitor the land that we impact to its original condition and use.


These four responsibilities are covered at Marka-terminal under the name HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality). All levels of HSEQ are implemented with

individual programmes. Marka-terminal is certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 22000 and GMP+ (feed safety). All the programmes are fully up-to-date and implemented

from the operational floor up to the boardroom. At environment and safety level, Marka-terminal must comply with very strict regulations.